About Our Firm

Precept Power engages in investment management, hedging & risk management, supply & portfolio management, and asset optimization for its clients and partners across various Independent System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) in the US and Canada.

We help our partners efficiently navigate the energy markets on behalf of their organization, customers, and shareholders. We facilitate the optimization of portfolios and assets by using proprietary models, analytics, and market studies.

Our analysis and models help determine the optimal pricing for demand and supply of electricity. Our work helps facilitate more efficient management of energy portfolios.

People are the keystone of our success.

Precept Power was founded upon the belief that innovation, integrity and collaboration drive extraordinary results.

We place enormous value on fostering an intellectually rigorous, collaborative, and fun place to work.

Our Services

Precept Power Solutions is the advisory and client solutions division of Precept Power, headquartered in Houston, Texas.

We provide solutions to the problems that generators, transmission owners, power producers, and load serving entities face by applying our market expertise in a cost-effective method that can result in millions of dollars of benefit to our clients.

LMP Risk Management

  • ARR Optimization
  • Basis Risk Hedging
  • Energy Risk Hedging
  • Outage Analysis
  • LMP Forecast Studies

Generation Services

  • Resource Management
  • Day-Ahead Bidding
  • Capacity Management
  • Fuel Management

Load Services

  • Demand and Peak Management
  • Load Forecasting
  • Load Scheduling
  • RECs Management

Regulatory Affairs

  • Regulatory Consulting
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Interconnection Support
  • Market Anaysis

Why Precept Power Solutions?

We Bring Expertise: Knowledge is power. With over 100 years of combined trading and portfolio management expertise, our team brings real world experience to your solution – it isn’t academic or theoretical.

We Deliver Results: Reap millions in rewards without building a new department. We have the skills and resources to generate outsized benefits to our clients.

We Create Value: Receive more value at a lower price point versus our competitors. It’s plain and simple.


People Matter

Our advantage is our people. We nourish, develop, and empower the development and growth of our best resource. Precept Power does not exist without its amazing people. We focus on creating a fun, challenging, and rewarding place to work. Integrity creates the culture of trust and credibility needed for leadership and teamwork to flow. Trust is essential to the psychological safety required for teams to reach their zenith.

Risk Management

It sits in the core of all of the portfolio management at our firm. Given the volatility of our markets, we understand that more outcomes can happen than will happen. An outcome is not impossible even if it not probable. We take this into account in our process. Risk is often hidden and thus difficult to measure so we incorporate risk controls to manage the range of outcomes. We go to great lengths to maximize positive outcomes in our risk management by employing vigorous risk identification, risk measurement, and risk mitigation. We actively mitigate risk that might imperil firm performance and amplify risk where predictive outcomes lay in our favor.


Precept Power is a firm that greatly rewards strong performance. We offer industry- leading compensation for anyone that can achieve extraordinary performance. We firmly believe that the smartest, hardest working and most talented people will be attracted to such a compensation model. We exist to positively impact the lives of our partners. The firm is not operated for the benefit of a few individuals, but for everyone. Decision making is as decentralized as possible. Everyone is treated as a partner and evaluated based on their contribution to shared goals.

Value Proposition

Our partners work all over the world

We happily pay a premium for premium results

Live your best life with no micro-management

Be more efficient and productive with full-time technology support

No mysteriously changing seat charges and no fine print

High moral character and integrity ONLY

Who We Are

Strong Leadership

At Precept Power, our entire team are partners in our mission.

Leaders inspire their partners.
Leaders empower their partners.
Leaders trust their partners.

Our Leadership Team

Wes Anderson

Director of Market Operations

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We are entrepreneurs

Each person at Precept Power is operating, managing, and running their own business. We empower our partners to research and implement new ideas that lead to the growth of the business. Self-motivated people with drive and motivation thrive on our platform.

We are Precept Power

We believe that people do their best work when they feel supported. Precept Power empowers its partners with a world class technology infrastructure.

First, Precept Power is people focused.

Second, Precept Power focuses on empowering our partners with the technology they need to enrich their work, their happiness, and their quality of life

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