ERCOT Point-2-Point / Short-term CRR

Precept Power looks for people that understand how to maximize returns while minimizing downside risk using a credit efficient strategy. We focus on Sortino Ratios and prefer equity curves. The method and path at which you earn returns is just as important as the absolute profit.

To apply for an opportunity at Precept Power, please include the following:

  1. A brief description of your strategy and your process and approach to the markets
  2. Daily Trading performance by Market and by Product (2 years preferable) in an .xls format
  3. Explanation of credit usage (average and maximum)
  4. Estimated daily profit or loss targets (i.e. +/- 5,000 per day)
  5. Drawdowns: Maximum two-day drawdown and maximum overall drawdown
  6. Tools needed – any commercial software, data feeds, etc.