Middle Office Associate

The Middle Office Associate within Precept Power Solutions is responsible for providing support to the sales and transaction team and linking front office sales and transactions with back office operations. Key responsibilities include contract management, reconciliation of contract and delivered volumes and pricing, pricing analysis and tracking, profit and loss tracking on all physical and financial trading (i.e. future, swaps, options) operations, and position risk analysis.

Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • Confirmation of Physical and Financial transactions
  • Architect/maintenance/tracking of contract and pricing database
  • Resolution on contract issues between front and back office groups and external customers
  • Ensure customer transactional amount stay within established credit limits and that all credit stipulations have been satisfied
  • Point person between external and internal reconciliation
  • Contract management
  • Calculating P&L and maintaining P&L database
  • Daily review of open positions and associated P&L risk analysis

Business Experience and Technical Skills:

  • 5+ years of experience in trade support or contract management
  • Must have very strong computing skills with strong ability to create, maintain, and analyze diverse data sets
  • Understanding of P&L for and financial transactions
  • Familiarity with futures and/or OTC brokerage statements

Educational Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree in a technical discipline